Monday, July 11, 2016

5 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Admins (+1 for developers)

I spend most of my days navigating between Salesforce Orgs, screens, and features.
Over time, I found tools that made it easier for me to do this faster and more effectively.
The Chrome extensions reviewed below may be small, or very specific - but they may make life just a tiny bit easier - and who doesn't like it when things become easier?

Most Salesforce admins and developers will find this list a mandatory one!

Without further ado, here they are!

Salesforce Colored Favicons

Raise your hand if this happened to you - you have a million tabs opened, some in your production org, and some in one or more of your sandbox orgs. But how do you tell which is which?
- Keep them in separate windows? that helps.
- Switch between all tabs looking for that little 'Sandbox' black bar? Time consuming!
If only there was a better way.

Fav Icons is the name of those little images you see on your Chrome tabs.
This extension allows you to customize the color of those tabs for the different Salesforce pods.
So if your production is on NA4, and your Full Sandbox is on CS41, and your Dev Sandbox is on CS44 - each tab opened for these orgs will have a different color! It even puts a little "S" in there on sandbox environments. It looks like this:

And set up is as simple as it gets - every time you log into a new pod, it will automatically be added, with a new unique color - or click on the color to choose one that you like:

Get this extension here: Salesforce Color Favicons Enhanced Formula Editor

We all use Salesforce formulas in Formula Fields, Validation Rules, and Workflows. They can be very powerful, but Salesforce's user interface for them leaves more to be desired.
This incredible extension adds everything you could dream of to the formula editor, including:
- Syntax highlighting
- Tabbing (tab and shift-tab)
- Parenthesis matching
- Find and Replace
- No code wrapping
- Resize editor window by clicking bottom right corner
- Full screen feature
It even allows you to see details about your fields (type, usage, labels,and more) and load sample records into the page

Take a look at this short video from the developer:

Get this extension here: Enhanced Formula Editor

Salesforce Admin Check All

If you've ever had to update profiles for objects with many fields, you surely had some un-pure thoughts about the interface and the need to individually check every field checkbox.

This simple yet must-have extension fixes this by adding the 'Select All' button on the page.

Get this extension here: Salesforce Admin Check All

Salesforce API Field Names

As you write Validation Rules, VisualForce pages (or really anywhere where you need to use a field's API name) sometimes you just want a quick reference of what those field names are.
You may not have the object fields page open, but you may have a record open.
This extension allows you to quickly convert all field names on the screen to their API name by clicking one single button.

Note: this extension only works on standard Salesforce page layouts, and not on Visualforce pages.

When you have an account record on page which looks something like this:

Click the little extension button  and it suddenly transforms to look like this:

See the difference?

Get this extension here: Salesforce API Field Names

Salesforce Navigator

Looking for a simple way to jump to different pages in Salesforce without the annoying task of finding their links?
Do you want to go the Account List view? How about to the Cusom Setting setup page?
Instead of going through the multiple screens to get there, just install Salesforce Navigator!

When you click the keyboard shortcut (i.e. ctrl + space) - a popup shows that lets you type in any page in Salesforce and jump to it right away!

How did we even live before this?

Get this extension here: Salesforce Navigator

For Developers: Salesforce advanced Code searcher

This extension is another one of those "How come Salesforce didn't build this into the platform?" kind of extension.
Once installed, whenever you navigate into your Setup Home screen, a new section is added that allows you to:

  • Search for any meta-data record: VisualForce pages, triggers, apex classes and so on...
  • Search for text inside classes, pages, components, or triggers
  • View your Org's code-coverage

It's just an amazingly useful extension, and looks like this:

Meta-Data and Code Search:

Code Coverage:

Get this extension here: Salesforce advanced Code searcher


  1. Another great Chrome Extension is ColumnCopy which does exactly what you would think
    This works great is you want to grab any table or column from Salesforce and put it into a spreadsheet without having to write a report and export to Excel.

    Rich Spitz

    1. Absolutely - I use it every now and then as well, and agree it can be extremely useful!
      Here's a link for anyone interested: